Desiree Jones-Smith

College Navigator

Desiree Jones-Smith is the College Navigator for Gateway to Degrees. She brings to the position nearly 10 years’ experience working at the intersection of education policy, media, and civic engagement.  She is excited to use that experience to coach people as they work towards their educational goals. Desiree’s objective has always been to leverage strong relationships with community leaders in government, nonprofit, education, and corporate sectors towards strategic goals with tangible results for the students and communities she has served.


Greg Laposa

VP of Education Strategies, St. Louis Regional Chamber

Greg Laposa is the Vice President of Education Strategies at the St. Louis Regional Chamber. In this role, he is responsible for leading the Chamber’s initiative to see St. Louis become a top ten region for educational attainment. He has managed a variety of projects focused on increasing educational attainment in St. Louis and solidifying talent attraction, retention, and development as a core economic development strategy for the region.


Kayla Wingbermuehle 

Program Manager

Kayla Wingbermuehle works for the St. Louis Regional Chamber as the Program Manager for the new Gateway to Degrees initiative. Prior to joining the Chamber in late 2016, she spent her career working in politics at the local and federal level. Her most recent project was running a national campaign to make college debt-free for students.

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