Make a comeback and finish your degree


We make sense of the process

Going back to school is tough, and there is a lot to consider if you are serious about reaching your educational goals. We are here to help you untangle the web of paperwork, deadlines, school, and degree options into a clear plan to help you earn your degree. We can help you get enrolled, and we want to continue to work alongside you to graduation day.

We coach you as you turn dreams into plans

Our College Navigator recognizes that you are the expert on your own life and takes a coaching approach to help you build and follow your comeback plan. We will work together to align your plan with the needs of your family and work life so that you can remain balanced throughout the process.

We put our partners on your team

Our approach is simply to guide and support you as you define and reach your educational goals. We won’t make you feel like a simple passenger, and we expect you to take the wheel as we build your plan. We and our higher education, business, and community partners will leverage our influence to gather resources, provide insights, and connect you with experts that can help you make the best choices, avoid common problems, and navigate personal crisis points. Your success is our success!

Still Need a bit more information?

If you want to learn more about gateway to degrees and how we help, you can meet with our College Navigator at one of the Office Hours events that we have planned around town. We would love to see you. The dates and location are as follows:

We have spoken to hundreds of potential returning adults already, and we are eager to speak to even more. If your organization serves adults who wish to complete their degree, and you would like to host community office hours, or have Gateway to Degrees speak to your clients, students, or employers about returning to school, please contact Desiree P. Jones-Smith at Be sure to put “Community Office Hours” in the subject line.

Make a comeback and finish your degree

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